Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When heart felt uneasy

It's already 3 years since I've been here pursuing my Diploma in Marine Engineering at Ungku Omar Premier Polytechnic. Yes, this is my final year here to finish my study and enter the world of jobs ( betul ke ayat aku world of jobs ni? HAHA ). At this time, there's so many things play in my mind, can I pass the exam? It's so difficult! Sigh. Am I ready to take responsibility if anything happens when I become Marine Engineer after this? Can I leave my family and my wife for almost a year? ( my wife? Aku takkan berkahwin selagi tak kukuh sumber kewangan. Amboi, gatal betul ye? HAHA ). Yes, this things kept played in my minds lately.

Luckily, I've found out whenever I feel uneasy or not calm, I can recite Doa Nabi Yunus. It's good for those who in hard life, not calm, sad, and many more. It is preferably followed during prostration by 11 times immediately after prayers. But, it depend on our situation. When we need help and guide from Allah, recite this Doa:

Together we share and practice this good doa.

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