Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friends. Again?

"A good rider has balance, judgement, and good timing. So, does a good lover," Quoted.

This picture was taken around 2 month ago if I'm not mistaken. At this time, all of my classmate were convoy together to Taiping, where one of my classmate brother was having his wedding ceremony. 

At that time, we were so happy together. 

All of them were incredible and awesome friends.

Appreciate your friends who's willing to share anything with you.

* * *

Tonight, I'm not lonely anymore. My friends already came back home. Though all of them were tired, they still share their experience with me. We're laughing together and make that time as a wonderful moment.

So, can you live alone in this world without friends? 


p/s: Aku nak pegi makan malam ni, tapi semua orang dok terbungkang tido macam dah mati je. T_T

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