Sunday, April 1, 2012

1 April

Today is 1 April 2012. What? today is April fools days? It's time to fools others with some of stupid, fools, practical jokes. Do you think it's nescessary to celebrate April fools? 

I don't think so.

Indeed, in Malaysia also, April fools day is celebrate by muslim widely all over the country. I'm so sad because the same religion relatives like me also celebrate April fools day. 

A husband practically jokes to his wife and said, " I divorce you with 3 talak!," and his wife was so surprised with her husband suddenly make a statement like that. But, it's already too late. The divorce already considered as official and he's cried regret of what he have done.

That's some of example for a stupid person who's celebrate April fools day.

Do you know a story behind April fools day? 

There was a sad, violent, and deep meaning behind all of these April fools day.

April fools day, is celebrated during the fall of Islamic goverment in Spain. After a long centuries established in Granada, Spain, the Islamic Empire finally collapsed after being attacked by christians armies.

Muslim people in Spain had to take refuge in their homes in order to escape. However, Christians army is not satisfied and strive to eliminate Muslims form Spain. This Muslims people, was told that they can sail safely out of Spain using  the ships anchores in the harbor along with the goods they need.

Muslims who were worried that the offer is a fraud, went to the harbor to see the ships that the christians armies were talking about. Once satisfied, they make preparation to leaves Spain. The day after ( 1 April ), they took all the items that they've packed and ready and went to the harbor. At this time the Christians took the opportunity to search and then set fire to burnt the house of this Muslims people. They also don't have time to board the ships because everything was burned. The Christians then attacked and killed all the Muslims, men, women, and children.

The bloody sad moment was then celebrated by the Christians. This days was also celebrated every year not only in Spain, but also worldwide. It is sad the Muslims that are ignorant about this event also celebrated April fools day without realizing they are actually celebrating the anniversary of the massacre of their own brothers in Islam. 

May Allah always opens doors for us to repentance.


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